Chapter 2 - Fabricating the Tail

Section 2 - Vertical Stabilizer

Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder Spars


The technique used to create the three spars is the same as those used to create the horizontal stab and elevator spars. There should be enough material left over from the single sheet of 1/4" dual glassed foam that was used to cut the horizontal spars from, to cut the vertical spars. The only significant difference is that the vertical leading edge flares at the bottom due to the thickness of the dorsal fin.


Once the spars are cut out, mark the location of the ribs and hinge holes on them. Label the front and back of them.


Locate and drill the forward glass out of the vert stab spar and the rear glass of the rudder spar for the hard points. Refer back to the hard point installation of the horizontal spars for the methodology used if needed.


Install hardpoint buttons in the rear vertical stab spar and the rudder spar.


Finish the spars and install the nut plates in the vertical spar trailing edge. Do not install the nut plates in the rudder spar at this time. The position of the nut places vertically is not aboslutely critical as the rudder spar will be made to match. Insure that the eyebolt is centered in the spar side to side, however. Set the parts for the rudder aside for now. These include the rudder spar and the two rudder ribs.