The KR-Super2 is a Corvair powered, all composite, two seat experimental aircraft modeled after the Rand Robinson KR2S. The KR was the first experimental aircraft to utilize composite construction, and though the design is now quite dated, this little airplane enjoys a loyal following. Due to the experimental aircraft community's dedication, and specifically the KR builder's network, the KR has continued to evolve. The KR-Super2 is my attempt to capture the latest thoughts, ideas, experience, and technology to produce a modern version of this classic aircraft; one that I like to think Ken Rand would have designed if he were still around today. I would like to thank all of the builders and pilots who have designed, built, and flight tested the majority of the ideas I am using here. You will see many of their names spread throughout this web site, and you will be able to trace the ancestry of the KR-Super2 to their efforts.

The KR-Super2 is slightly larger than the original KR2S, uses a larger engine, has a roomier cabin, is longer and has more wing area. Its useable payload is larger, its top end speed is comparable but the airplane is not as fuel-efficient.

Everything required to build a Super2 is contained withing this web site. "The Manual" section contains all instructions and methods, the "Downloads" section holds all of the mechanical drawings and templates. There is a growing community of Super2 builders around the world and their progress is captured in the "Progress" pages. The "History" section contains the story of the original KR and its derivitives as well as the genisis of the KR-Super2. Thanks for your interest in the Super2!!!


Design Parameter KR-Super2 KR-2S
Length 19' 16'
Wing Span 24' 23'
Total Wing Area 93 sq ft 82 sq ft
Empty Weight 750 lbs 620 lbs
Gross Weight 1300 lbs 980 lbs
Useful Load 550 lbs 360 lbs
Fuel Cap 26 gal 16 gal
Stall Speed 48 mph 52 mph
Maximum Speed 170 mph 155 mph
Cruise Speed 140 mph 140 mph
Range 600 miles 500 miles
Engine Corvair 2700 VW 2180
Power 100 HP 70 HP
Power Loading 13 lbs/hp 14 lbs/hp
Wing Loading 14 lbs/sq ft12 lbs/sq ft
Fuel Consumption 5.5 gph 4.5 gph
Seating 2 side by side2 side by side
Gear tri-grear conventional
Cabin Width 43" 38"