Chapter 2- Fabricating the Tail

Section 2 - Vertical Stabilizer

Vertical Stabalizer


The first thing to do is to print out the plans for the vertical stabalizer parts and cut them from a panel of prepared foam and glass sandwich.

Print out the above drawings and study the 3D view plan. The vertical Stab Ribs sheets will need to be glued together into a single sheet and will provide a full size template for the ribs. The same is true of the vertical stab lower support sides. Print out all three sheets and join them at the A and B lines to form a full size 1:1 template for the vertical stab sides.

The required parts are:

  • Vertical Trailing Edge Spar
  • Vertical Leading Edge Spar
  • Rudder Spar
  • 5 Vertical Stab Ribs
  • 2 Lower Vertical Stab sides
  • 2 Rudder Ribs

All parts, with the exception of the two vertical stab sides, are cut from 1/4" foam with a single layer of BID of each side. The two vertical stab sides are made from 1/4" foam with a single layer of BID on the inside. Be sure to cut a right and left vertical stab side.