Chapter 2 - Fabricating the Tail

Section 1 - Horizontal Stabilizer


The Horizontal Stabilizer will be built first.  This is because most of the skills required to build the rest of the composite structures in the aircraft will be learned here.  The horizontal stab will be built in three sections and if any errors are made during construction of it or its parts, it is relatively inexpensive to scrap them and try again.  This section of the manual will contain quite a bit more detail and hand holding than the rest.  This is to lead the first time builder through the steps and to foster skill and confidence.  The technique used to build the horizontal stabilizer is different that that used to build the KR stab.  Instead of skinning a solid block of foam, a structure consisting of ribs, a spar and a leading edge will be built.  This frame will then be sheeted with foam that is fiberglassed on both sides.  This results in a structure that is quite a bit stronger than the traditional method. This is done not only because the Super2 has a larger horizontal stabilizer, this will be the technique used to construct the wing.  It will be beneficial  to learn these techniques on a smaller flying surface.  The vertical fin will be constructed in a manner similar to the KR’s.

First, all of the materials and tools should be collected.  A complete list of materials for this step follows.  In some cases, as noted, the amount of material may support the build of more than just the horizontal stab.  Once the raw material is on hand, we will measure out our glass and prepare our raw stock—the fiberglass and foam sandwich material our parts are fabricated from.  We will then proceed to fabricate individual parts.  We should be completely satisfied with the quality of each part we create before moving on to the assembly of the horizontal stab.  If a part does not meet your quality standard, throw it out.


  1. Bid Fiberglass cloth – 3 yards (ACS 01-00642 38" RA7725)
  2. UNI Fiberglass cloth (ACS 01-00641 RA7715/38W F16)
  3. Carbon fibre cloth – 4 ¼ yards (ACS 01-28260 Graphite 282 5.6 oz.)
  4. Epoxy (ACS 01-42150 PR2032/PH3660)
  5. Flox (ACS 01-14800)
  6. CA glue and Accelerator
  7. 20 min epoxy
  8. 1 each 24” X 48” sheet of  4.5 lb. ¼” thick last-a-foam (ACS 01-13550)
  9. 2 each 24” X 48” sheet of  4.5 lb. 3/8 thick last-a-foam (ACS 01-13600)
  10. 1 each 24” X 48” sheet of  2 lb. 2” thick polyurethane foam sheet (ACS 01-11900)
  11. sheet of masonite
  12. 3/32” Aircraft plywood.
  13. 6 each hinge rod end (MM-4 Aurora Bearing)
  14. 6 each eye bolt (AN44-13A Eyebolt Undrilled)
  15. 6 each large washers ( AN970-5)
  16. 1/16" aluminum sheet
  17. 6 each nutplates (K1000-4)
  18. 6 each nutplates (K1000- 5)
  19. 2 each weldments
  20. bell crank and inserts
  21. counter weight arm
  22. counter weight support
  23. lead