Chapter 4 - Finishing the Tail

Section 2 - Building the Elevator

Elevator Inboard Cutout

This step is quite straight forward and can be done at the same time as any of the other steps. We are now going to remove a small inboard triangle to allow full clearance between the elevators and the rudder in full deflection. Review the following drawing to understand the two dimensions that define the size of the triangle we are going to remove. Don't interchagange them.



Use a straight edge to extend the edges

We use a straight edge and a tape measure to define the corners of the triangle. Remove the Triangle

Triangular Section of Elevator Removed

Next prepare the exposed end for a thick micro. Dig out triangular sections along the top and bottom skins and remove some of the foam in the exposed inboard driving rib.


Remove the Foam

Now fill the edge with a thick micro and let cure. Sand to an even edge. Cover the end with a single layer of carbon cloth, do not wrap it around the edges, just lay it up flat against the exposed end and let cure. Finally, trim the carbon cloth to be even with the top and bottom skins. Complete

Good Job, next we are going to add a trim tab for pitch.